Brownies 2/13/14

At this meeting, we started a new badge (Meet My Customers) and a new Journey (Wonders of Water). The girls were divided into two groups that switched between badge and Journey. We rounded everything out with a short Valentine’s Day party at the end.

meet my customersMeet My Customers. The two moms who stayed at the meeting took charge of this part of the meeting. They worked with the girls on who their customers are, what kinds of cookies we’re selling (and for how much), and practiced roll-playing working at a booth.

wow badgeWonders of Water Journey. This will be the fifth Journey I’ve done with my troop, and the second Brownie level one. Once again, I’m essentially throwing out the book other than the main concepts. For this session we opened up by reading a book about water called All the Water in the World. It’s a light book, not delving too deeply into conservation or other issues, and good for an introduction.

After the reading the book, we talked about how we use water. I gave each girl an index card so they could draw a picture of how they use water.  Most of them drew pictures relating to showering, but we also had cooking, watering gardens, drinking, and going to the bathroom. Each girl said what she drew, then we pinned them on a board.

We repeated that process with how we like to use water. Swimming won out, but drinking, blowing bubbles, squirt guns, water balloons, water slides, and canoeing also made appearances.


Once all of the girls were assembled together again, but before we started our party. I gave each of them a small bowl with dried jelly marbles and a cup with some water in it. They poured the water in and spent the rest of the meeting watching the marbles grow.

Fuzzy Bean with her jelly marbles.

Fuzzy Bean with her jelly marbles.

Valentine’s Day Party. At the end of our meeting, the girls passed around cards and treats.  A good ending, but because food was involved will mean that for the next few meetings I’ll be asked when snack-time is. I’m not a big fan of snack time at meetings. One, it takes away from doing actual stuff. Two, our meetings end close to bedtime. Maybe if we met right after school it would be different.


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