SOTW2: Ch 27 & 28

Chapter 27: The War of the Roses. This chapter is essentially a quick overview (with a lot of Richards and Edwards). I couldn’t find anything on DES+ that was relevant/appropriate, so we’re not watching any educational videos. However, we will be watching The Black Adder, which is only somewhat relevant and probably inappropriate (though I was watching this show with my mother when I was around Bean’s age and PBS was one of the hottest things going for entertainment – at least in my family).

*We read pages 16-20 from Bravo, Mr. William Shakespeare (Richard III)

bravo shakespeare

The Black Adder


Chapter 28: The Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal.  We zipped through this in one evening. Not much to elaborate on.


prince henry

Prince  Henry the Explorer (DES+)
Exploring the World: Portuguese Explorers (DES+)

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