Weekly Recap 3/1/14

We really didn’t do too much afterschooling this week. I am going to have to lower my expectations as to how much we can do. I refuse to give up teaching her at home. Math especially is too important. If we can do 3-4 lessons per week, I’ll be happy.  We’re almost done with Astronomy (only 5-ish lessons left, depending on how I break the topics up), so I want to see this out. Plus, Bean loves science. It will all get figured out eventually.

Math – RS C 38 & 42. We only did two lessons this week. We probably could have done more if today was not divided between dealing with 145 cases of Girl Scout cookies that now reside in my computer room and taking three kids to urgent care.

Reading (school)
*Bean did not read to me at all this week.

Reading (free)
Happy Happy Clover, vol 2

Current Read Aloud
Classic Starts: Around the World in 80 Days
Classic Starts: War of the Worlds

HistoryChapter 29: African Kingdoms

Science Lesson 8: Asteroids, Comets, & Meteors


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