ES Astromony: Lessons 7 & 8

Lesson 7: Pluto, Dwarf Planets, & Exo-Planets. This lesson is a slight departure from the ES curriculum. You can’t talk about Pluto without mentioning the other dwarf planets. And you can’t talk about our solar system without mention other systems out there.


dwarf planets planet hnterbeyond pluto

The Dwarf Planets by Conrad Leviston (YouTube)
Uncle Percy’s Adventures in Space: Pluto (DES+)
Space School: Pluto (DES+)
A Closer Look at Space: The Planets: Dwarf Planets (DES+)
Searching for a Planet Similar to Earth (DES+)
Life on Earth-like Planets (DES+)


Lesson 8: Asteroids, Comets, & Meteors. This lesson was a fun one. In large part because Bean got to make a huge mess by throwing various objects into a pie pan full of flour.


space rocksasteroids vogtcomets vogtall me ahnighito meteors vogt

The Asteroid Belt and Meteors (DES+)
Asteroids and Meteorites (DES+)
Magic School Bus…
The Spacefiles: The Outer Solar System: Comets (DES+)
Stargazing: Vagabonds: Halley’s Comet (DES+)
Cosmic Collisions: Famous Meteorites (DES+)
Space Exploration: Meteors (DES+)

We actually did an activity – how craters form. It’s as simple as flour in a pie dish (you can put corn meal on top to increase the contrast), and throwing rocks and marbles into it to see what happens. A few minutes later and your kitchen table and floor are covered with flour.



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