Books I Want to Read to Bean

I keep a running (and continually growing) list of books I want to read to Bean. Right now, we’re reading The Prisoner of Azkaban, but when we’re finished, we’ll move onto the books listed below. The Three Musketeers will most likely be first since Bean requested to read that “next” before we started HP3.

Books Already Requested from the Library

cs 3 musketeers rose holly webb cats of tanglewood

*Bean requested The Three Musketeers to continue our Classic Starts kick. I’m assuming this comes from the fact that she was watched Disney’s The Three Mousekteers more times than I can count.
*Rose is the first book in a new (to the US) series by Holly Webb. It’s a British book, and I’m glad that it’s getting published here. I had never heard of it before a few days ago, but there are other British series books I’ve had to hunt down on AbeBooks in order to get my hands on them (Sophie and the Shadow Woods being an example of this).
*The Cats of Tanglewood Forest is a result of one of my multi-hour long perusals of Amazon. Regular emails from various ALA (American Library Association) divisions has fed this habit, and consequently, I have many ungodly long wishlists of books that I want to read.

More Classic Start Titles

cs time machine cs treasure island cs swiss family robinson cs 20000 leagues

*These titles reflect the books I want to read to Bean from Classic Starts. There are many more, but these are the first ones. On the flip side, there are titles in this series I won’t read because Bean can handle the original, like The Secret Garden.

Other Books

tuesdays at the castle george's marvelous medicine fortunately the milk bad beginning whizz pop chocolate phantom tollbooth ophelia marvelous boy flora ulysses

*These books are on this list for a variety of reasons: I read them when I was younger (George’s Marvelous Medicine, The Phantom Tollbooth, and Lemony Snicket). Or they popped up as a recommendation based upon previous books we’ve read (The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop). Or they were written by Neil Gaiman. Or they just looked neat. Flora and Ulysses made the cut because in addition to looking interesting, it’s a prose-graphic novel hybrid and both Bean and I love those kinds of books (The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and the Fog Mound trilogy).


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