Bi-Weekly Recap 3/16/14

From here on out, I’m only going to post updates biweekly. We’re not doing enough school to make posting more frequently worthwhile given we’re only doing a handful of subjects.  It also doesn’t help that four out of five people in the house are sick. Yet again. With another round of antibiotics. I am over whatever sickness that is making its rounds in our area. I am over winter. I’ve been imagining moving back to Arizona or California just so I can see sun and green living things.

Reading – she has not done any reading to me in the past several weeks. Something I need to work on.

Current Read Alouds
Classic Starts: War of the Worlds
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Math – We didn’t do any math the first week, but completed lessons 39-44 in RS C (finishing up some subtraction and starting money). I think math at home is going to be as we can squeeze it in. My goal is to have RS C and MM 2B finished before Bean starts 3rd grade this Fall.  It might be a bit ambitious given we’re not doing 5+ lessons each week.

History – For the most part, we read books and we watched videos like we always do. However, for Chapter 31, Bean and Anne made a baking soda/vinegar powered boat from the AG.
Chapter 30: India Under the Moghuls
Chapter 31: Exploring New Worlds (Columbus, Magellan, Vespucci)
Chapter 32: The American Kingdoms (Aztecs, Mayans, Incas)
–> only the Mayans

Science – We started Lesson 9: Stars, Constellations, & Galaxies. I need to buy some black paper and star stickers so Bean can make a constellation booklet. Once the weather finally warms up, we can go outside to look for them.

It’s fortuitous that Bean is doing a unit on constellations at school. This was completely unknown to me until she came home one day talking about a big bubble with starts in it (portable, inflatable planetarium).  She was the first one to find Draco, so something stuck! (And probably the only kid to make the connection between the constellations and the anime/manga Fairy Tail).

Typing – Because she’s learning keyboarding at school, Bean wants to practice at home too. We can’t use the same program (because I’m not going to pay for it), so she’s using BBC’s Dance Mat Typing.


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