Brownie Meeting 2/27/14 – Special Guest

Our last meeting focused solely on the Wonder of Water Journey. A representative from the Stormwater Coalition in Erie County came to our meeting to talk to the girls about run off. Our village is situated at the mouth of a river, so the presentation was relevant to them. It took our entire meeting, so we didn’t get to any of the other things I had planned.


Above is the diorama the representative used as her prop.  She talked to the girls about the different ways we use/waste water and who uses it (people, farmers, etc…). Then she the girls took turns shaking litter, dirt, pesticides, and fertilizer all over the diorama. (The shakers had yellow Kool-Aid, coffee/chocolate mix, oatmeal, and one other powder in them). The girls LOVED this. They also loved using squirt bottles to mimic rain, which showed what happens to all the loveliness they just dumped everywhere.



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