ES Astronomy: Lessons 9 & 10

Lesson 9: Stars, Constellations, & Galaxies. Bean ADORED this lesson. She is very interested in stars and the night sky. Once it warms up a bit, I would like to take her to one of the public viewings the local astronomy club does. Unfortunately, the planetarium in Buffalo is closed for remodeling and won’t open until 2018 (or we would go there too).


stars vogttrue book constellationzoo in the skygalaxies galaxies galaxies jefferis
Videos (All were viewed on DES+ unless otherwise noted)
The Magic School Bus: Sees Stars (DVD)
Elementary Video Adventures: Astronomy: Stars
The Life Cycle of Stars
Star Color
The Spacefiles: Exploration: Observing the Night Sky
Preview of Objects Seen in the Seasonal Sky
Exploring Space: Galaxies
What Is a Black Hole?
Wonders of the Universe: Stardust: Supernovae
Reading Rainbow: Space Case: Hear the Stars

This is still on the to do list, but I want to have Bean make a booklet to show 5-10 of the most common constellations that we can see where we live. The plan is to have her use star stickers on black cardstock. I’m going to the craft store tomorrow, so this activity should be done in the near future.


Lesson 10: Satellites & Space Probes. We didn’t spend too much time on this as aspects of the topic have been covered in previous lessons. I did want Bean to have a basic overview though.

*Next time, I need to check the publishing date. The book on satellites came out in 1998, so a lot of the information was out of date. Things they talked about as possibilities are already realities.

satellites space probes

Elementary Video Adventures: Space: Satellites
Sputnik Opens the Door to Space
Space Exploration: Our Solar System: Space Probes
Destination Mars: The Viking I and Viking II


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