Subject Recap 4/6/14

Reading – I finally started making Bean read to me again after we got her lexile score from a test she took at school. While I don’t live and breathe by test scores, I was surprised at how low of a score she got. She’s been reading books in the 500 range since the end of first grade. I talked to her teacher, who was also surprised (reassuring to me that she felt this way too).  We both agree that part of the reason is because of Bean’s bad habit of reading what she wants to see, or what she thinks is there, instead of what is actually written. I’ve pulled a stack of books from our shelves for her to read to me, and put some requests in at the library for other books. The range is 300s-500s, with the intent of having her take the time to pay attention to what is written on the page. I’ve been stopping her to point out how when she changes a word, it can change the meaning of the sentence.

Usborne’s Living in Space
Astronauts (Exploring Space)
Rumplestiltskin (Usborne Young Readers)

Current Read Aloud
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (when will it end…)

Math – We went up to Lesson 47 in RS C before taking a break to switch over to MM2B. Bean completed the Chapter 6: Geometry and Fractions, and has done the first four lessons in Chapter 7: Place Value Till 1000.

History – This has been going in fits and starts (heavy on the fits). It took us several weeks to finally complete Chapter 32: The American Kingdoms, and we just started Chapter 33: Spain, Portugal, and the New World today. We have nine and half chapters left until we’re done with SOTW2.

Science – We’ve been doing a slightly better job at getting science taken care of. We finished Lesson 9: Stars, Constellations, and Galaxies, completed Lesson 10: Satellites and Space Probes, and started “The Rest of It”. Once we’ve done everything, we’ll take a break from science before moving on to chemistry.


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