ES Astronomy: The Rest of It

This wraps up our Earth Science/Astronomy science year. We started out following Elemental Science’s program, but ended up essentially ditching it part way through. I won’t use them for chemistry – I’ve already bought R.E.A.L Science Odyssey from Pandia Press. But before we start chemistry, I want to take a science break and focus on some other subjects that got pushed aside this year – logic and geography.


It took me a long time to figure out how to organize this last bit, and I still don’t think I like it. I’m sure I’ll make adjustments when I do it with the next two. The topics we’re covering are:

The Space Race
Living in Space

*Bean read Living in Space and Astronauts out loud to me.

armstrongsally rideliving in spaceastronauts laikamoonshot ywwtb apollo 13

Videos (all are DES+)
Elementary Video Adventures: Space: Living in Space
TLC Elementary School: Liftoff Into Space: Exploring Space
The PBS NewsHour: Salley Ride…
America’s First Astronauts
The History of the Race to the Moon
Exploring Space: Rockets: First Human into Space
Exploring Space: Rockets: Humans Walk on the Moon
Astronaut John Glenn is the First American in Space


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