April Books

I read more books than I should have this month. A lot of my choices reflect trying to avoid working on my research paper (which I had to scrap 2 wks out from it being due to start over with a new topic. Yay!). Two more weeks and this semester is finally over! I have a stack of books I desperately want to read.

ruby in the smokecressher mad hattergerardPrint

*Ruby in the Smoke was interesting. Not great literature, but it reminded me of the Vesper Holly books by Lloyd Alexander. I will read the rest of the trilogy once my semester is done.
*I also liked Cress. She does a good job tweaking the fairy tales, but still staying true to the basic plot lines of each. I can’t wait for the final book to come out.
*The two Marie Hall books pretty much represent my need to escape from the fact that my research paper on top of everything else is crushing me.

hp 3twt da vinci

*We FINALLY finished HP3. And I never realized it until this time, but the phrase, “Harry, Ron, and Hermione” was used to point that one could base a drinking game around it.

private prince 1honeyxhoneydropsms 1dls 1crazy girl shin biabarajou no kisssoulless 3soulless 1horimiya

To keep the post from being to unwieldy, I’ve only listed the first volumes of a given series.
*Private Prince, entire series
*Honey x Honey Drops, entire series (I just read this in January, so second time round for this year)
*Midnight Secretary, entire series (The drawings bothered me less this time around, though I still don’t like where the story ends)
*Demon Love Spell, vols 1-5 (I liked it better this time, though I’m still hazy on some of the details of why and how Kagura falls for Miko in the first place)
*Crazy Girl Shin Bia, entire series (I wish this was available in print in English. I would buy it in a heartbeat.)
*Barajou no Kiss, entire series
*Soulless, vol 3 and vol 1
*Horimiya, up to ch 35 (Nice little slice of life manga)



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