Girl Scouts 4/10/14

This post is ungodly late, but my time has been at a premium with school work. On April 10th, we started the girls’ first Junior Badge (Detective), and did some more with WOW (though I’ve come to the realization that we’re going to have to drop this Journey mid-way through. With everything else going on in my life right now, I do not have the mental energy to devote to making it work.).

We went rock climbing at the indoor center for our second April meeting. Rock climbing is a continual winner with my girls. We will it every fall/spring until they lose interest.

wow badgeWOW
On a side, this is the last aspect of WOW that we’ll be working on. It is too close to the end of our meeting year to be able to complete this. I do not have the time or energy to focus on making this work. Maybe we’ll pick it up again this fall.

We did a water relay race from GSRV Brownie Planning Guide. It is from their Activity Plan 2, Activity #2. The girls divided into two teams, each girl had to carry a 2 1/2 foot tall teddy bear  (if I do this again, I will have the girls wear the bears) and a small cup. They had to to under, over, or around various obstacles to make it the other side of the room to a jug of water. They poured water into the cup and did the course in reverse, pouring the water into a large bowl. The purpose of the activity was to give the girls an inkling of what it’s like to get water from a distant water source to bring back to their community. It is a poor imitation, and doesn’t factor in the quality of water, but it’s something. And they had fun while doing it.

detectiveJuniors – Detective Badge
The girls voted to do the Detective Badge as their first foray into Junior-land, completing Step 1 and Step 2. Because the majority of my girls will still be Brownies next year, I’ll give them a CSI-related fun patch.

Step 1
The mother who stayed with me at the meeting took the girls into the playroom next to our meeting room to have them look around, trying to remember what they saw and where they saw it. Then she had them leave the room so she could hide three objects. The girls were given pieces of paper and pens to write down what three objects they thought were missing. Once everyone finished writing their answers, they compared the results.  I cannot remember if she did it a second time, adding three additional objects. I’ve waited too long to write this.

Step 2
We two choices from this step – codes and invisible ink. The girls wrote messages with “invisible ink” (i.e. lemon juice for round 1 and milk for round 2). The experiments came from the badge guide, but they are also floating around on the web. Both “inks” were huge failures. The girls let the papers dry, then held them up to a bright light. We weren’t able to see anything. The instructions only say to “hold it under a light to see the words.”  I found out later that you really need to hold it close enough and long enough for the heat to start oxidizing lemon juice/milk (i.e. start to burn).

The second choice was much more popular and successful. The girls absolutely loved deciphering pigpen code. It took some of them a while to understand how to use the cipher, but once they got the hang of it, I had them decipher some sentences I wrote in pig pen.


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