SOTW2: Ch 35 & 36

Chapter 35: The Renaissance. We didn’t do any activities with this chapter, but Bean adored it. Since we’ve been doing this as afterschooling, I’ve been even worse about doing extras. Somewhere in my house in some random box, is an activity kit about DaVinci that I bought four years ago in anticipation of this chapter. Yep. Someday, I’ll find it.

*Bean absolutely LOVED Neo Leo. It’s a great book for comparing DaVinci’s inventions to their modern day equivalents.
*While the Aliki book has good information in it, some of it is out of date given the amount of progress technology has made since it was published. I found myself having to explain to Bean what typewriters and floppy disks are.

twt da vincileonardo flying boy who stole mona lisakatie and mona lisa neo leobreaking into print how a book is madefrom the good mtn

Videos (all are from DES+)
Time Warp Trio: Breaking the Codex (about DaVinci)
Horrible Histories: Rockin’ Renaissance
Achievements of Leonardo DaVinci
The Art of Michelangelo
The High Renaissance: Part 1: What Was the High Renaissance?
Let’s Make a Book
(Reading Rainbow segment)
Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye: Communication: Printing Press


Chapter 36: Reformation and Counter Reformation. It took us several weeks to do this chapter as trying to get Bean to listen to SOTW was like pulling teeth.  She wanted nothing to do with it. She thought it was boring and didn’t like that there were no pictures to color or activities to do (this last part is because I don’t know where the AG guide is). At least the next chapter, about Copernicus and Galileo, will be fun.

Videos (all DES+)
The Growth of the Reformation Movement
The Catholic Reformation
The Counter-Reformation



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