June Books

montmorency 1agencyluxenewts emerald


cs 3 musketeersgeorge marv medicine


mystic 10th apprenticesixth gun 1lost boyrat queenssixth gun 2sixth gun 3sixth gun 4sixth gun 5sixth gun 6zita

*Mystic: The Tenth Apprentice – This book has potential, but it’s not quite there. The story moves too quickly and would be much better served if spread out over several volumes. Both characters and plot would be able to more fully develop.
*The Sixth Gun – I would have never picked up this series if it hadn’t been mentioned by an author I saw at a conference in May. She said it wasn’t a genre she usually read, but liked how the female main character developed. I agree with her. Becky, the female lead, starts as naive (but not wimpy), and becomes more worldly and confident with her new-found power as the story progresses. I am looking forward to seeing who she turns into.
*Rat Queens, vol 1 – A new series that is crass, funny, bloody, and violent. I can’t wait for the next volume to come out.




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