2014 GS Camping Trip (Planning)

My troop is going tent camping next week, so in preparation, we’ve had two meetings that focus on planning. We did the same thing last year (first meeting, second meeting). Because a lot of it is a rehash of last year, I’m going to gloss over some of the details.

Camping Trip: Part 1 & Part 2

First Meeting
The girls were divided into three groups of three girls. Each group has a parent in charge, and each group planned one meal. We have five meals on this trip, but myself and my AL are going to do Friday dinner and Saturday lunch. That leaves Saturday breakfast and dinner, and Sunday breakfast.

The second part of the first meeting discussed mess kits. We used them last year, we’ll use them again this year. It’s pretty much equally divided between the girls who already have them, and those who don’t. I still have plenty of the metal kits my husband dug out of an Air Force dumpster, so more of those are making there way into the hands of my girls.

gs 001

The final part of our meeting was the making of edible fire. We substituted the coconut for shredded carrots because one of the girls has a nut allergy.

*My Juniors are going to earn their Camping Badge.
*My Brownies are going to earn the retired Ready,  Set , Go Camping Try-It (provided I still have enough in my horde for the girls who didn’t earn one last year).
*All of the girls are going to earn the Brownie Bug Badge (my Juniors just Bridged, but they’re still technically Brownies until the end of the GS year. The badge will have to go on their Brownie vest, so no getting to show it off).

Lessons learned from last year:
*Don’t cook every meal or you will spend most of your weekend by the fire.
*Have meal group parents buy the groceries needed for their meal instead of me and AL buying everything. We’ll reimburse the cost when they give us a receipt.
*In line with the previous bullet, AL and I will buy items that are needed for multiple meals to keep us from having too much.

Second Meeting
Last night was our final planning meeting. AL taught/reviewed knot-tying (square, clove hitch, bowline) and talked about what to pack. Both of us stressed that the girls need to help their parents  pack. They need to actually see what going into their bag so they can’t say they don’t have something when they really do.

The second part of this meeting was completely unrelated to  camping. I had some leftover dry ice from the science program I did at my library, so I made a dry ice crystal ball for them (multiple times). It was a huge hit.

The final part went back to camping (mainly because I forgot we hadn’t done this yet). The girls broke down into their groups to finalize menus. Now I need to type it up and email  the shopping lists.

Fingers crossed we don’t get rained out again.


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