2014 Tent Camping – Rain, Again!

A separate post for badgework done on this camping trip is forthcoming.

My troop went tent camping from the 18th-20th of July. Nine girls participated this year. Yet again, we were rained on, but at least didn’t get rained out and were able to stay the second night (2013 Camp #1). That’s not to say we didn’t have rain-related drama that involved calling families for extra tarps. Three of the tents sprang leaks, and we needed to lash a tarp between some trees for extra shelter.  That is one nice thing about having a state park only a few miles from home. We’ll camp here again next summer instead of venturing further afield (I’ll still be in grad school, and it has been a rough summer trying to get everything done).

We had different campsites this year – same loop, a little farther down because we wanted the copse of trees for rain protection  and for the large-ish field behind it for playing sports. Unfortunately said trees were honey locusts and wouldn’t you know that my daughter punctured her foot on a thorn right around the time AL  told the girls to NOT run around barefoot).


Friday evening was spent setting up camp, making dinner, and freeplay. One of the dads stayed, and he brought gear for kickball and wiffle ball. He also brought Chinese lanterns to set off once it got dark. He did that last year, and the girls adored helping him.

lantern ed

The NY State Parks Department has free programming on weekend mornings at the campground. On Saturday, it was all about wildflowers. The girls learned about different types of flowers, invasive versus native species, and which flowers are edible and/or medicinal.

The afternoon was spent alternating between badgework and playing in the rain. I had all the necessary supplies for them to completely earn the Brownie Bug Badge, but we didn’t get to it all. I would rather have them playing wiffle ball together – and all of them got along. I wasn’t going to mess with that.

The rain cleared up sometime around 7pm, though myself and several other parents obsessively checked our phones because the same thing happened last year. And then the sky ripped open. We were a bit paranoid.

A village nearby set off fireworks for a festival they had and we got to see them from our campsite. The girls also played with sparklers (this one dad has a magic camping trunk, I swear). I’m sure it’s not Girl Scoutish to play with fire, but the entire area was waterlogged, and each girl on the trip had  a parent present. (I had to continually get after some of them – mine included – to NOT play with the fire. Don’ t poke it. Don’t throw things in it. I know they do it at home, but I didn’t want nine girls doing it to our lone campfire.)

We pretty much got up, packed up, ate breakfast, cleaned up, and left. Everyone thought the trip was successful (minus the rain). We all agreed to try a different part of the campground next year for a change of scenery. If I book far enough in advance, we should be able to get lakeside sites. I wanted to avoid them because that part of the campground  is usually PACKED during high summer. The loop we were on is quieter. Though this time there were a lot of people. Last year there were maybe four other campsites in use. This year, most of them were.


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