2014 Camping – Badgework

While camping, the girls worked on two badges:

Bugs (Brownies)
Flowers (Junior / Brownie Make Your Own)

I tentatively planned to do all five steps for the Bugs Badge, but it didn’t work out that way. The girls spent a lot of time occupying themselves, and I didn’t want to interrupt that. We will finish up the badge at our first meeting.

Step 2 – Try a bug craft – make an egg-carton caterpillar


Step 3 – See bugs in action
This was a fairly easy one do to while camping. The girls watched ants, caught grasshoppers, and swatted mosquitoes and flies. A good portion of their free-time was spent grasshopper hunting.

Step 4 – Explore bug homes – make a model of a bug house
For this step, we made paper mache cocoons. This is not an easy task in humid weather as the glue did not want to dry.


We ended up starting the Flowers Badge on accident. The NY Parks Dept offers free public programs on the weekends at the campground, and Saturday’s happened to be all about flowers. What the girls did in the program corresponded to several steps of the badge. Because five of the girls are Brownies and can’t earn the Flowers Badge, I decided to have it be their Make Your Own Badge for the 2013-2014 SY.  We will also finish this badge up over our first several meetings.

I was not with them at the program, so I do not know the specifics of each step. My AL looked over the requirements and told me which ones were met.

Step 1 – Uncover the science of one flower – go on a flower hunt & talk to a botanist

Step 2 – Look under the petals – meet flower families

Step 3 – Find out how flowers help people – flowers are healers



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