Girl Scout Meeting 9/25/14

Jr FlowerflowerFlowers – Tonight we did Step 4 of the Flowers Badge. My AL put together a rebus-like story, substituting some of the words for images of flowers. The girls were given a key that showed what the meaning of the flowers, and used it to fill in the “blanks” to complete the story.

*Five of my Brownies completed three steps of the Junior Flowers Badge on our camping trip this summer. I created a “make your own” badge for them so they will have something to show for their effort/learning.

making-it-matter-junior-badgeMaking It Matter – We made made gak again, but instead of the original recipe, we did three variations presented in the old badge book.  Before the meeting, I measured out 1 oz of white glue into plastic cups. The girls added 1 oz of water and mixed with a popsicle stick. To this solution, they added salt, baking powder, and cornmeal (three separate rounds). The borax solution was added as normal, but the girls had to make note of any differences between the original  and modified gak.  (On a side, two of my moms helped, and I would not have been able to do it without them. I have been very lucky to have involved parents.)

*For the three Brownies who have already earned Home Scientist, all of the activities they do will count towards one of the retired Brownie science badges. I haven’t figured out which one.

Left: Salt Gak ; Right: Baking Powder Gak

Left: Salt Gak ; Right: Baking Powder Gak

Cornmeal Gak

Cornmeal Gak

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