Girl Scouts 10/9/14

Tonight’s meeting was fairly straight forward in terms of content. We did only two activities, only one relating to badgework.

To open the meeting, I divided the girls into three teams with each team assembling the lines of the GS Law. Two of the teams completed the task quickly – which means the information is sticking, even if they can’t always recite it. The third team needed a little bit of nudging, but they got it with a few hints.

Jr FlowerflowerThe bulk of our meeting went to finishing up our Flowers Badge. We had one step left (Step 5), for which the girls learned how to quill. The idea comes from GSRV Programming Guide (an awesome resource). It is inexpensive to do a you only need thin strips of construction paper, glue, and toothpicks (for winding the paper). If we do this again, I would make a winding tool from a plastic Q-tip (break off the swab and use an exacto knife to split about half an inch of the plastic tube) to make it easier for the girls. Some of them had a hard time winding the paper around the toothpick because it kept slipping.

quil flower



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