Fall 2014 Overnight

Last weekend my troop did an overnight at the local GS lodge. We’ve been there several times before, and the girls always have a good time. The focus of this trip was working on various requirements for four badges:

Home Scientist

Simple Meals
Make It Matter (retired)


This is the second time I’ve done this badge. Here is what we did the first time. During our trip, the Brownies completed two steps:

Step 3: Try a sweet snack – they baked brownies. This tied into the SM badge in that the troop baked thee batches of brownies. One was a control batch, and the other two had substitutions (replace oil with applesauce and add pureed black beans).

Step 5: Slurp a snack – the Brownies were in charge of making everyone smoothies at breakfast. We had two blenders, and each girl took a turn (with the help of an adult, to some degree) and make a smoothie. The base was orange juice, bananas, and frozen strawberries. Additions were blueberries, vanilla yogurt, and kale.

Home ScientistHome Scientist
Another badge girls in my troop have earned before. Here is what we did. This time around, I am doing it a little bit differently.

Step 3: Dive into density – (cauldron bubbles, activity plan 1)  I pulled this one from the wonderful GSRV guide. Each girl was given a clear plastic glass half-filled with water. Two measuring cups filled with vegetable oil was passed around, each girl pouring about 1/2 inch’s worth into the cup. The girls were given plates with salt, and had to drop pinches of salt into the cup to see what happened.

Step 4: Make something bubble up – (film canister rockets) this was an awesome experiment. Make sure to have extra Alka-Seltzer tablets because sometimes the girls don’t get the lids on right, and the canisters don’t pop, but also because they’re going to want to do it more than once. This is an outdoor activity as the canisters can shoot up over 20 ft into the air. I would like to get my hands on some glow in the dark stuff to mix with the water to turn the rockets into tracers (if done at night).

simple mealsSimple Meals
The girls completed three of the five steps at the overnight. The other two will be completed at our next meeting – a field trip to a nearby university for a kitchen tour/pizza demonstration/pizza making extravaganza. One of the fathers is a hospitality professor, and he was able to arrange the trip for us. Only the Juniors are going.

Step 2: Whip up a great breakfast – (create an egg dish) several of the girls have cooked eggs before, so it was somewhat of a review for them, focusing on technique. They made scrambled eggs for everyone, and then practiced making fried eggs.

Step 3: Fix a healthy lunch or dinner – (pocket food) the girls made runzas (pasties, empanadas, etc…) for dinner. My AL prepped the dough beforehand, but the girls made the veggie/meat filling, formed the runzas, and put them on baking sheets.

Step 4: Create a delicious dessert – (make a favorite dessert healthier) we turned this into a science experiment by baking three batches of brownies – one regular, one substituting apple sauce for oil, and one adding black beans to up the protein. The girls then had to do a blind taste test to see if they could tell which brownie was which. The regular recipe was the favorite, followed by the black bean batch.

making-it-matter-junior-badgeMake It Matter
This is one of the retired Junior badges I managed to hoard before they all disappeared. Once an official badge, always an official badge as far as I’m concerned. When GS revamped their program, they got rid of pretty much all of their outdoor and science badges (this last one really makes no sense given GS is pushing STEM).

Activity 4: Materials and structures (Step 5) – one of my moms was in charge of this step. She told me about the Marshmallow Challenge a while ago, and my response was to put her in charge of it for this overnight (delegating is great!). The girls were put into three teams and given 15 minutes to build the tallest free-standing structure possible from 20 spaghetti noodles, a yard of string, a yard of tape, and one mini-marshmallow. The girls got very creative with their building. One structure was modeled after the Eifel Tower.

Activity 5: Reverse engineering (Step 9) – the final step the girls completed for the badge was to take apart broken electrical appliances, observe what they looked like inside, and then try to reassemble them. There was some of this going on, but really…the girls just wanted to break the electronics down to their smallest components. They spent over three hours playing. They were like toddlers playing with empty boxes.

gs wm elect 2 gs wm elect


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