October Books

jackaby cruel beauty tarnished iron dukeillusions fate CRA nat hist drag mia went heart steel cinder colonel BB evil lib

*Jackaby – The billing that this book is akin to Doctor Who and Sherlock roped me in. I definitely see the relation to Sherlock (especially the Elementary version), a hyper-intelligent detective with no brain-to-mouth filter, but not so much to Doctor Who. I hope there will be sequels.
*Cruel Beauty – A dark re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast set in a culture based upon an amalgamation of Ancient Greece and Rome. I ended up buying the book because I will read it again. I like that the main character is flawed. She has conflicting loyalties with a large dose of resentment,  guilt, and “first person to act like they care about me” thrown in. You can’t be raised by a family who has designated you as the sacrifice and be a Mary Sue.
*Iron Duke
*Illusions of Fate – This book had the potential to be great, but it ended up not really going anywhere. The plot meandered and felt underdeveloped, the characters seemed a bit flat, and the rules of magic were not clearly defined.
*Dead Iron – After reading 127 pages, I flipped to the end and read the last 26 pages to find out if the young child involved survived.  I didn’t connect to the story or characters, and it did not hold my attention.
*Crazy Rich Asians – This book is different from what I generally read, but I enjoyed the dynamics of it. The ending wasn’t very conclusive, but I don’t see how it could have been without making it look like a quickie wrap-up. That being said, it did end on a positive note. I will read the sequel when it comes out to see how everything pans out.
*A Natural History of Dragons – I liked the memoir style, liked the interjections of older self explaining/expanding upon younger self’s actions and thoughts. Even though dragons are present, I wouldn’t really consider this a true fantasy novel.  The dragons exist in the story in the way lions exist in real life, and it’s more of how a woman deals with the expectations and restraints placed up on her in a Victorian-like society.
*Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City
*Heart of Steel
*Cinderella and the Colonel – I really enjoyed this retelling of Cinderella. I like that she is not vapid, and that both her and her prince have substance and conflict.
*Beauty and the Beast
*Evil Librarian – Great idea, felt kind of shallow in execution. My teen self would have loved this book, gunning for evil librarian to triumph. The main character was somewhat annoying, but that might stem more from the fact that I Team Evil Librarian.

6th gun 7 clockwork angel mr pants TT 1

*The Sitxh Gun, vol 7 – I’m ready for volume 8.  Go Becky!
*The Infernal Devices, vol 1 – I read the first two volumes a few years ago and enjoyed them. This time around, I had to force myself to finish volume 1. I returned volumes 2 and 3 without opening them. I might try rereading the novels to see if my lack of interest is because the graphic novel had to gloss over various details, or because of the story itself/writing style.
*Mr. Pants: It’s Go Time! – Quirky and funny (both Bean and I loved it, but my husband couldn’t force himself past the first several pages), it reminded me of the dynamic I have with my sister. Bean loved the unicorn backpack segments, and I loved Fairy Princess Dream Factory and laser tag (well…the aftermath of laser tag because that’s pretty much how it would go down in my house).
*Terra Tempo: Ice Age Cataclysm – I picked it up at ALA for my library, but haven’t had the opportunity to read it until now. Time traveling trio has adventure in prehistoric times. The premise is inline with The Magic Tree House and Time Warp Trio series, but the science/history facts are much more prevalent. The book made me feel nostalgic for my dad, a former geologist.

Read-Alouds to Bean:
STILL READING Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!!!! ARGH!!!! We’re less than 100 pages away from finishing, though. I told Bean that from now until the end of the year, I get to choose all of the books. 3 1/2 months is a helluva long time to spend reading one book.


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