GS Meeting 11/13/14: Snacks

Our lone November meeting focused on food for both Brownies and Juniors. The Juniors had a field trip to an area university – one of my parents is a professor in their College of Hospitality and Tourism. The girls toured a professional kitchen then made individual pizzas. They completed their Simple Meals Badge.

SnacksThe Brownies were with me at our regular meeting place where we finished up the Snacks Badge. Here is what I did the first time my troop earned this badge.

Step 1: Measuring sugar in snacks (not in book) –  I repeated what I did when my current Juniors earned this badge. Each girl brought in her favorite sweet treat, and I brought in a bag of sugar, clear plastic cups, and an electronic kitchen scale. We looked at the bag of sugar to determine how many grams are in one serving (measuring it out into a cup) for a point of reference. Then each girl read how many grams of sugar was in her treat and measured that amount into a cup.

gs sugar

Step 2: Make a savory snack – I had the girls make hummus,  yet again. It’s simple and was a hit both times we’ve made it. Instead of using the recipes shown in the booklet, we used the recipe my husband follows when he makes it at home. He has modified it slightly, to include a 1/4 cup of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of sumac (these amounts are for a full recipe).

Step 4: Snack for energy – We made protein balls. Because we did this almost two months ago, and I can no longer find the print out, I cannot share the recipe we used. It had coconut and mini-chocolate ships in it, and all of the girls liked them.


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