GS Meeting 12/4/14 – Music

This meeting focused on two areas, science and music. The Brownies completed one step of Home Scientist, and then the troop started working on music badges – Musician for the Juniors, and Sounds of Music (retired) for the Brownies.

Home ScientistHome Scientist. The girls completed Step 2: Create static electricity. We did the “Salt and Pepper Dance Party” activity from the GSRV planning guide (from activity planning #1).  This devolved into the girls rubbing the balloons on their hair to see if they could get stick the balloons to the ceiling. Fun was had by all.

junior music sounds of musicMusician and Sounds of Music. Because the Brownie Try-It is retired, the girls are mostly following along with the Junior requirements, which actually are more appropriate to “sounds” than the original Try-It requirements.

Step 1: Explore how music is made. We completed two choices for this this step because my AL and I couldn’t figure out which one to choose.
*1A. AL plays multiple instruments, so she brought in a flute, guitar, ukelele, and flugelhorn. She performed samples of music, explained what the instruments were (brass, string, etc…), gave a little bit of history about each instrument, and let the girls look at/touch them.
*1B. At the end of our meeting, the girls watched several video clips on YouTube from the program How It’s Made. I chose the violin, but they chose to watch the videos about harmonicas and bagpipes as well.
*2. AL played four clips of music and had the girls move to the sounds (if they wanted to). They talked about the mood of the music; what kind of feelings did it evoke? The songs she chose were:

“Brave” by Sara Bareilles
“Semper Fidelis” by John Philip Sousa
“Symphony No. 5 in C Minor” by Beethoven
“Le nozze di Figaro: Act III” by Mozart

Step 2: Travel around the world of music. I found three foreign language pop songs for the girls to listen (and dance) to. We talked about how even though we didn’t understand the words, the songs still sounded similar to what we hear on the radio. The songs I chose were:

“Traum” by Cro (German)
“Pon Pon Pon” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Japanese)
“Simarik (Radio)’ by Tarkan (Turkish)


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