GS Meeting 12/18/14 – Rededication

Our final meeting of the calendar year focused on our Rededication Ceremony, with a few extras thrown in.

Home ScientistThe Brownies finally finished the Home Scientist Badge. The girls made butter, for step 1: be a kitchen chemist. It is very easy to do, though I recommend teaming girls up. It takes a lot of shaking to make even a small amount of butter.  The YouTube video, Making Butter, by Robert Krampf is a good place to start for tips and explanations.

Rededication Ceremony. Last year, we did the short version of the Brownie Pond Ceremony (from GS Heart of NJ). I couldn’t do that this year because my troop is split. Instead I decided to brave a candle ceremony. I tend to keep ceremonies short, so I modified what I found online. With 11 girls, one held a red candle signifying the GS Promise; the remaining ten held individual tapers signifying each line of the GS Law. The girls lined up, holding their candles. I lit a taper and stood in front of the first girl. The whole troop said the GS Promise together, then I lit the red candle. When I stood in front of each girl, she said her line of the GS Law and I lit her candle. At the end, we blew our candles out.

My AL collected the candles, and I went down the line of girls doing the GS handshake and giving them packets holding all of the badges/fun patches they’d earned up to that point this year. My six Juniors were pinned with new membership pins. I let the girls choose which trefoil pin (traditional or modern). They were split evenly between the two.

The final part of our meeting was a Christmas party – essentially a glorified snack time. At the end, I collected donations for the church’s food pantry. We’ve been meeting here for four years and have never been asked for any kind of donation.


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