Girl Scouts 1/15/15 – Musician Badge

junior musicsounds of musicTonight the girls worked on the Junior Musician Badge (and corresponding retired Brownie Try-It).  They completed two steps, leaving the final step to be completed as homework – Step 3, asking five people about the music they like and why.

Step 4: Make your own music – We broke the girls into three groups, each group writing a verse of a song. They wrote the chorus as a troop. AL brought her guitar, came up with a simple chord, and walked the girls through the process of writing lyrics. The girls spent most of their meeting composing their song, “Walking in a Marshmallow Forest”.

Step 5: Perform your music – Once they finished their song, the girls performed it for the parents. In addition to lyrics, each group created dance movements for their individual verse. They did a really good job! Both the tune and the lyrics are cute.

Walking in a marshmallow forest,
Like a fluffy cotton candy zoo,
With bears and bats and kitty cats,
A beautiful world for me and you.

I need to see if there are any recording studios in our area. Given how much the girls got into writing their song, I think they would have fun touring a studio. Maybe they could even record their song.


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