SOTW2: Ch 40, 41, & 42

Chapter 40: New Ventures to the Americas. The chapter title is a bit misleading in that it is solely about Sir Walter Raleigh and the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Bean was definitely taken with this chapter though. We’re going to Virginia Beach this spring to visit my best friend, and since Bean learned that Roanoke is somewhat close by geographically, has now decided that we must make a trip there.

*I wouldn’t use The Lost Colony of Roanoke again. It wasn’t a horrible book, but it wasn’t great either.

raleigh famous explorers roanoke coleman

Videos (DES+)
The “Lost” Colony: Sir Walter Raleigh Establishes the English Colony of Virginia
The Lost Colony (video segment from Just the Facts series)


Chapter 41: Explorations in the North. This chapter looked at the exploration of Canada.  We used our globe so we could see where they traveled in relation to where we live.


cabot cartier ywwtb 16th cent

Videos (DES+)
Newfoundland and Labrador
John  Cabot’s Search for a Northwest Passage to Asia (1497-1498)
John Cabot (formerly Giovanni Caboto) and the Treaty of Tordesillas
The Expeditions of Jacques Cartier
The Explorations of Jacques Cartier (1534-1542)


Chapter 42: Empires Collide. The first section of the chapter discusses Sir Francis Drake and the Spanish Armada. The second section is a summary of what SOTW2 covered. We pulled out our globe so I could show Bean where the explorers were in relation to where we live. I didn’t have her watch any videos for this section, mainly because she is ready to be done with history so we can start chemistry.


drake ywwtb sir francis drake ywwtb spanish armada

From the AG, we made boats from card stock and staged a battle in the bathtub.


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  1. notsoquietmomma

    We’re not too far behind you! Wen just read about the plague yesterday and Lane was so excited for it….boys!

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