February Books

I didn’t do very much reading this month. My time was split between being sick and trying to stay on top of schoolwork. March probably won’t be much better, but instead of being sick, I’ll be dealing with Girl Scout cookies.

dowager empress cixi bone season glamour in glass wo a summer

*Empress Dowager Cixi – History is always written by the winners…and the successors to fallen regimes, especially when the previous ruler was a woman. I wonder how different China would have been if Cixi had had an uninterrupted rule.
*The Bone Season – I will read this book again. The second one was just donated to my library, so I grabbed it as it was finished being cataloged. I like books that slip fantasy in without it dominating the book (My Real Children, A Natural History of Dragons).
*The Glamourist Histories (books 2 and 3) – The characters are more like themselves and less like Jane Austen shadows, which was nice because I wasn’t constantly making comparisons. I liked the plot and pacing of the second book, but the third was a bit bumpy. The story dragged in the middle before picking back up again. I started reading the fourth book, but ended up putting it down. I read the ending, then read part of the middle, and didn’t have the interest to fill in the gaps.

flights chimes misty

*Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times – Both Bean and I loved this book. The majority of the story is set in a parallel London, with clockwork creatures being the natural order. The tone is reminiscent of Neil Gaiman, and the quality of writing is much better than a lot of the newer children’s books. Many of these books feel light and fluffy, with a writing style and vocabulary to match. That isn’t to mean  these books are any less fun to read, but Flights has more gravitas. It assumes children can handle the dark things.
*Misty of Chincoteague – Bean has wanted to read this for over a year. She absolutely adored the book, clutching her blanket during several scenes because she was so involved in what was happening. Chincoteague is not too far from where my best friend lives, so we’ll take a day trip to see the ponies when we visit.


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