Girl Scouts 2/12/15 – Pets & Ceramics

February has come and gone, and I’m finally getting the GS meeting posts out. I was incredibly sick on 2/12, so after dragging myself out of bed, dropping off the materials at the pet supply store, and delegating everything to two of my parents, I went back to bed. I do not have a lot of details for what the girls did because asking Bean wasn’t very fruitful. Everything I’ve gathered from the Juniors is that they had fun, though the potter did a lot of talking (which I asked her to in order to teach the girls more about the process).

Brownies and Juniors were split up and on their own for this meeting. Brownies were at a local pet supply store to start working on their Pets Badge, and the Juniors were at a local ceramic studio to start working on the retired Ceramics Badge.

PetsBrownies – Pets Badge
I did this badge a couple years ago with my older girls, and knew that when I did it again, I wanted to do different things for some of the steps. I found some great ideas from the Blue House School blog. I used her worksheets, “learn about pet care needs” and “make a pet food budged”.  The pet supply store brought in a dog and a cat explicitly for the girls to interact with. They were also birdsitting a cockateil. All of the activities the girls did centered around those three pets.

Step 1: Find out what different care pets need – using the worksheet, the girls listed the needs of dogs, cats, and birds.

Step 3: Help a pet stay healthy and safe – the girls learned about common illnesses and health issues for dogs, cats, and birds. They also learned what is needed to keep those kinds of pets healthy.

Step 4 (in part): Make a pet feel loved – the girls learned how dogs, cats, and birds communicate their feelings.

Step 5: Feed a pet – using the worksheet, the girls determined a food/treat budget for two pets for a month.

junior ceramics retiredJuniors – Ceramics and Clay Badge (retired)
The Juniors went to an area pottery studio to earn this badge. It will be a two part visit – the first to make the pots and the second to glaze them. I did the Brownie Potter Badge on my own, but have no intention of doing it again. I will leave it to the professionals in the future.

The girls made pinch pots and coil pots, learned how to properly care for clay, learned different techniques for decorating clay, and looked at various pieces the potter had made.

GS pottery FB edGS potery FB 2 ed*Both photos were taken by the potter and posted on her site.



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