Girl Scouts 2/26/15: Recording Studio Field Trip

junior music sounds of musicOur second February meeting was also a field trip. This time, the whole troop went to our local community college to tour their audio recording studio. The professor took them into a computer lab to show them the tools used to produce music. The girls asked good questions, such as why the keys on the keyboards were color-coded, and what all the symbols meant.

The big event of the evening was going into the recording room. The professor talked to the girls about what kind of equipment is used, and why. He broke the girls into two groups, each going into the sound booth to learn more about the actual recording process (the professor had several student helpers, who were wonderful).

Once everyone had a chance to tour the sound booth, the girls were ready to record their song, “Walking in a Marshmallow Forest”. They got into their verse groups, did sound checks to make sure microphones were in the right place, did a practice run (or two because we hadn’t had the chance to practice the song for a few weeks), and finally recorded their song (took two takes).

At this point ALL of the girls crowded into the sound booth to watch the student edit the recording – cleaning up background noises, making them sound like chipmunks or very old men, etc… He did a very good job explaining what he was doing and why.

At the end of the evening, he gave us a CD with two versions of the songs – regular and chipmunk (this one is hard to listen to). My AL uploaded the songs and emailed them to all of the parents.



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