April Books

To note, three books I listed as March reads, were in fact finished or read in April:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (audiobook)
The Just City
Stormy: Misty’s Foal

I should probably also note that I’ve been playing/reading two of the “Shall We Date?” otome games – Niflheim and Blood & Roses. The latter game caused The Smithereens’ song by the same name to get stuck in my head.

red queen rabbit back mfing sharks glass arrow shambling ny 4 nights duke
*Red Queen – Even though this book is on the tropy side, and the MC has too many potential love interests, I liked how the tropes were used. I wouldn’t buy it, but I would read it again, and I will read the subsequent books as they are published.
*Rabbit Back Literature Society
– I don’t know exactly what to think about this book. It was interesting, but I could only read it in 15-20 minute bursts because the story didn’t suck me in. However, I liked how it played on the idea that mental instability helps authors to be better writers.
*Motherfucking Sharks Pulp Fiction Samuel L. Jackson was my in-head narrator, and when I finished, I had the strong urge to watch Sharknado (RiffTrax version).
*The Glass Arrow – Glad this book ended like a stand-alone as opposed to the ubiquitous YA trilogy. The idea behind it falls in with A Handmaiden’s Tale and Only Ever Yours, though different enough that even with some conceptual overlap, is very much its own story. I enjoyed it, and wouldn’t mind reading it again and then doing a comparison between it and the other two mentioned books. Maybe after I graduate.
*The Shambling Guide to NYC – A fun little romp, also helped by the fact that the author cited Anne McCaffrey and Robin McKinley as favorite authors, who happen to be my favorite authors from childhood.

say i love you 1oddly 1 oddly 2 over the wall here

*Say I Love You, vol 1-4 – It’s nice to read a manga romance where the male MC isn’t a whole lot of asshole surrounding a nugget of loving boyfriend. This is a series that I will most likely end up buying.
*Over the Wall – I liked the idea, but the story didn’t feel complete.
*Here – (Hundreds of) thousands of years overlap the same physical space. There’s no real plot, but is instead a voyeuristic looking-in-other-peoples’-windows romp.

see saw girl

*SeeSaw Girl – both Bean and I enjoyed this book. Several more books by Linda Sue Park are on my to be read aloud list.


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