Girl Scout Field Trip – Radio Station Tour

The culmination of the girls earning their Musician badges was a field trip to a radio station – specifically KISS 98.5 in Buffalo. We went on a Friday afternoon on a day the girls had an early dismissal from school. Our tour guide was Jud, the DJ who does the afternoon show. He was very professional and took his time with the girls, telling them how he does his job and showing them the various equipment/computer programs he uses.

kiss 2 ed

The girls weren’t able to go live on the air, but were so excited to be at the radio station, that they didn’t care. They recorded a shout out that was played about a half an hour after out tour was over. Bean was thrilled to hear us on the radio, and I texts from several people we knew telling me they heard the shout out. Jud emailed me a copy of the recording, which I forwarded to all of girls’ parents.

I was impressed with the entire tour. Everyone the girls interacted with were friendly and seemed to enjoy talking to them. This is a visit that we will most likely do again when the girls are a bit older. I will also do it with my younger daughter’s troop when they’re old enough to earn the Musician Badge.


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