Girl Scouts 3/26/15 – Pets and Senses

At our second March meeting, we continued working on both the Pets Badge and Senses Badge for the Brownies. The Juniors are along for the ride for the remainder of our meetings.

sensesFor the Senses Badge, I brought two children’s books that had been formatted for braille. I explained how the books would be read, and then passed them around so the girls could touch them. Most found it interesting, a few not so much. Looking at the books was more of a continuation of touch and less about sight, so no new requirements were met.

cat hat cat hat 2

PetsThe bulk of our meeting time was taken up by starting to make no-sew pet beds for the Pets Badge. This idea also came from Blue House School. The girls cut the fabric to size, measured and marked the fringe, and started cutting the fringe. To measure the fringe, the girls used 4-inch wide strips of cardboard, with markings every one inch.

Because we had only basic scissors, the girls had to cut each layer of fabric separately instead of at the same time. If I had enough good quality fabric scissors that could cut through two layers of fleece, it would have cut down the amount of time needed to make the beds.

pb 1

Fringe measured and marked.

pb 2

Fringe cut and tied in double knots.





One response to “Girl Scouts 3/26/15 – Pets and Senses

  1. Reblogged this on Use Resources Wisely and commented:
    I love the creativity in the projects for both the Pets badge and the Senses badge. The no-sew pet beds for an animal shelter is a fabulous idea for a community service project, and using Braille versions of a commonly known and loved children’s story to teach about disabilities is wonderful!

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