Girl Scouts 4/23/15 – Pets

PetsOur first April meeting was spent entirely on finishing up the pet beds for the Pets Badge. The girls finished tying the fleece (leaving a small opening for the stuffing), and then stuffed polyfil into the pillow. I tried to have them overfill the pillows to compensate for the stuffing being compacted once in use by pets.

These last steps also reinforced to me that both layers of fleece need to be cut at the same time. Many girls had different numbers of tabs on any given side of their pillows. Several of my moms ended up taking pillows home to do a quick fix by sewing around the edges next to the knots.

When all of the pet beds were touched up, we took them to our local pet supply store. They put several in their cat room (a living space for cats who do not have homes, but haven’t been taken on by a foster or permanent family yet), and kept the rest to sell at a “yard sale” to raise money for one of the local animal rescue groups.

pet bed 1

The finished product.

pet bed 2

A happy cat?



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