Girl Scouts 4/30/15 – Senses

At our final meeting of the school year, we finished up the Senses Badge – sight, smell, and sound. We did meet one more time, but it was our Bridging/End of Year Ceremony. This is going to be a short, fairly perfunctory post. I need to get caught up before we start meeting again (with two troops, no less!).

sensesFor all three senses, I started with a brief explanation I found on this website. I also used this site for the taste and touch.


We did two activities for sight – Kim’s Game (from the badge book), and writing our names in braille (from Follow the Leader).

We played follow the smell for this step. The girls partnered up, taking turns being the blindfolded follower and the smell-holding leader. Each team got three cups with the “smells” – a vinegar-soaked cotton ball, lemon juice, and coffee grounds.

We also did two activities for sound. The first was the ear drum experiment that showed how sound waves interact with ear drums. For the second, we made chicken squawkers. They are incredibly easy to make, and incredibly annoying to listen to – in other words, long-lasting fun for children.

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