2015 Camping Trip

This year was the third  year we have gone tent camping as a troop. The previous two years we went in July, but this year we went in June. I changed the dates because in July I had an out of town wedding to attend and there was an air show on base. I also needed a mental break from Girl Scouts. Because of the date change, only six girls were able to go, which worked out perfectly.

We camped locally again (which I highly recommend if you have a state park near by and you are either not used to camping or have young girls), but instead of getting sites on the out-of-the-way loop, we got lakefront sites. Everyone agreed that the lakefront sites were much better. We were closer to the bathrooms, playground, and of course – the lake.

gs camp 3

I took a much more laid back approach to activities this year. The girls worked on several steps for the Camper Badge, and they also will get a Bubble Fun fun patch. Mostly though, the girls played at the playground or in the field behind our sites.

camperCamper Badge – The girls completed two steps (Steps 3 and 4). For Step 3, they made hobo pies and foil packet blueberry breakfast bake.  For Step 4, they went down to the lake, collected materials that washed ashore, and made boats. When they were done, they put their boats in the water to see if they would float.

gs camp 8 gs camp 6

Bubble Fun – This was the final organized activity we did. I made bubble solution (water, dish soap, corn syrup), set out different kinds of bubble blowers, and let the girls go to town.

gs camp 4


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