First Junior Meeting

This wasn’t a real meeting so much as it was an information session for the parents and a “figure out the Journey and some badges” for the girls. One of my lovely children brought home the first sickness of the school year, so I was feeling less than stellar and wanted to share what needed to be shared and then go home to crawl into bed.

The Girls
All of my girls are Juniors for this one year, and I want them to earn the Bronze Award. It is not an award I earned, and I regret not doing it when I was a GS. Unlike when I was a GS, the requirements to earn it are different. So the one of the things the girls did was vote on the prerequisite Journey – 8 out of 12 girls voted for Agent of Change (AC), so you can expect to see posts about how we complete it. Part of our lodge overnight later this month will be dedicated to AC.

The girls also voted on which badges they want to do. The badges that received at least 6 votes are the ones we’ll do, with priority given to the badges with the most votes. There is the very real possibility that we won’t get to all of these badges, but we’ll give it our best shot.

Detective – 11
Geocacher – 8
Jewelry – 8
Digital Photographer – 6

The badges I want to do with the girls are:

First Aid
GS Way
Entertainment Technology
Horseback Riding
Savvy Shopper
Social Butterfly

The Parents
I should have sent a reminder email to my parents that they needed to stay at this first meeting. Most of them did, but a few didn’t. I’m going to put together an email going over the highlights so everyone will know what the changes are this year. The two big ones are that I will soon be working full-time, and consequently will most likely have to lean on my parents more than I have in the past, and the second is that the girls are now old enough to do additional fundraising. I want to take them to Washington DC in two years (when they are all Cadettes), and it would be wise to start saving up now. This will involve dealing with paper accounts, so I need to figure out an equitable way to do that. I don’t want girls who contribute nothing to receive the same amount as girls who work their tails off, but at the same time, I know that not every family can contribute equally.


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