Juniors 11/5/15 – Detective

This meeting went much better than the previous one.  We did not start with the flag ceremony because AL and I wanted to make sure we had enough time for the girls to complete their pig pen scavenger hunt.

During Opening Circle, I addressed the girls’ behavior and we talked about what we can do as a troop to make this less of an issue. The girls used the  fist to five method to vote/share their feelings about the ideas. They all agreed that we should come up with some basic troop rules (we’ll start discussing what those rules will be at our next meeting). They also agreed that the consequences I came up with were fair: 1) is a warning, 2) sit out the remainder of whatever activity we’re working on, and 3) call your parents. My AL said she would be the enforcer so I can focus on the meeting. I also asked the girls if they liked the idea of a sticker chart and prize basket. At our next meeting they’ll give me ideas of how they will earn stickers (showing up on time, wearing your uniform, etc…).

To reinforce this, we did a Girl Scout Promise game. I got the rough idea from my step-mom, who does something similar when she does workshops at elementary schools. The girls were broken down into teams of 4 and given a copy of the GS Promise. They had to create actions to demonstrate each line of the GS Promise and act them out in front of the troop. I tried not to give them any ideas or pointers, wanting to see what they would come up with. All of the skits/actions were great, and the girls had fun. I will have to make sure to incorporate more opportunities for making skits.

detectiveThe rest of our meeting was taken up by the Detective Badge, Steps 2 and 5 (though it might be stretching it for Step 5). My AL put together a clue hunt written in pig pen code. Clues would take them to different parts of the church, and at each location, they would find the clue to the next location. Wrapped inside the clue paper, was a line of the GS Law. We broke the girls down into four teams – dark pink, light pink, dark purple, and light purple (clues were color coded). Each team had to find five clues, or half of the GS Law. Once everyone was finished, the purples paired up and the pinks paired up to make a complete GS Law. The read off the GS Law (one team taking turns reading it, and reading the last line together, the other team chose one girl to read it). Both teams put the lines in order the first time. I was very proud given it hasn’t been something we’ve focused on yet this school year.

pig pen

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