Promise Center
Light Blue – Honest & Fair
Yellow – Friendly & Helpful
Spring Green – Considerate & Caring (old post – Daisies: Spring Green Petal)
Red – Courageous & Strong  (old post – Daisies: Red Petal)
Orange – Responsible for What I Say & Do
Purple – Respect Myself & Others (old post – Daisies: Purple Petal)
Magenta – Respect Authority
Green – Use Resources Wisely (old post – Daisies: Green Petal)
Pink – Make the World a Better Place
Light Purple – Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout


All four leaves here.

Count It Up
Talk It Up
Money Counts
Making Choices


Welcome to the Flower Garden*
Between Earth & Sky
3 Cheers for Animals! (option for “Journey in a day”)

*I did not write an outline for this when I did it with my older daughter’s troop. I will be starting this Journey with my current Daisy troop in March.