Girl Scouts

Daisy Petals

Light Blue            Lupe                      Honest & Fair
Yellow                   Sunny                   Friendly & Helpful
Spring Green     Zinni                      Considerate & Caring
Red                        Tula                        Courageous & Strong
Orange                 Mari                       Responsible for What I Say and Do
Purple                   Gloria                    Respect Myself & Others
Magenta              Gerri                      Respect Authority
Green                   Clover                   Use Resources Wisely
Light Pink             Rosie                     Make the World a Better Place
Light Purple        Vi                            Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout

One response to “Girl Scouts

  1. Hi there! I’m a Girl Scout from Michigan and I just found your blog. Reading it takes me back to when I was a daisy so many years ago! My blog is about my many travels with Girl Scouts, check it out if you’d like, and I’d love to connect with you on anything and everything Girl Scouts!

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