Wonders of Water Packet



1. Look around.
—> The girls went on a scavenger hunt in the woods to find 10 things to use in the construction of our fairy houses.

2. Listen to the world.
—> While on their hunt, they had to pay attention to the sounds they heard around them. When we reconvened, they had to tell me what they heard.

3. Put your nose to work.
—> Follow a friend using only your nose! The girls paired up and took turns being blindfolded and lead around the room by their partner. They had their choice of onion, crushed mint, or lemon peel. The girls enjoyed this one. Note to self: make sure no one has squeaky shoes on.

4. Take a taste test.
—>Do a taste test with salty, sweet, bitter, and sour foods. We chose salt water solution (salty), sugar water solution (sweet), melted unsweetened chocolate (bitter), and fresh-squeezed lemon juice (sour). We put them into little paper cups and gave each girl several q-tips. They had to dip the q-tip into the solution and then dab it on various parts of their tongue to see where they could taste it. I explained that those are the only four tastes we taste with our tongue (I skipped going into umami), and that most of the tastes we think we taste come from our sense of smell. Which is why when you’re stuffed up, you can’t really taste your food.

5. Touch and feel.
—> At our nature center visit this year, the girls examined/touched/made rubbings of multiple types of leaves and tree bark. They also were able to touch the skulls and pelts of various animals (fox, wolf, skunk, bear, rabbit, raccoon, opossum) and compare the different textures.

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