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Yellow Petal – Friendly & Helpful

yellow petal

I’ve found the Yellow Petal an easy Petal for the girls to earn, and a way to incorporate the GS “do a good turn” into this level given there is no right side up for the Daisy Pin.

As with pretty much every other Petal, I do not use the flower story included in the Girl Guide. I generally find those stories stilted and ham-fisted. Instead, I read a picture book. A quick internet search will pull up many more books than the ones I’ve listed below, but these are ones I’ve read and enjoyed.

After reading a picture book, the girls make their “friendly & helpful daisies” to take home and give away to the person they did “a good turn” for. At the following one or two meetings, the girls share what they did to help another.

With both troops, the girls earned their Yellow Petal before we did our Investiture Ceremony.

Princess Hyacinth by Florence Parry Heide
The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers
Help!: A Story of Friendship by Holly Keller
Otis and the Tornado by Loren LongThe Mouse and the Lion (I like this version)

Both crafts are different versions of the same thing. Each girl gets three “friendly & helpful daisies” to give to someone after the girl has helped them.  The yellow centers are printed on card stock and punched with a 2″ circle punch.






Daisies 4/25/13 – Started The Green Petal

Tonight we started our final Petal of both the school year, and for my Bridging first graders, their final petal of Daisies – Use Resources Wisely/Green Petal.

Most of the information I could find for Petal ideas focused on recycling, which while important, is not necessarily what I wanted to do. Recycling is all well and good, but if you squander the resources the stuff comes from, well then…now what? I wanted to put more emphasis on conservation, but even that was hard to do.  There wasn’t a lot of information that I could manipulate into doing what I wanted it to do.  So we ended up reading a book, playing a game, and doing a craft. Not really what I had wanted, but it worked. Maybe next time around I’ll do a better job on the conservation part of this.

Basic Meeting Outline:
Opening Circle
What are resources and how do we use them wisely?
Touch on recycling
Read Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish by Michael Foreman
Played a recycling relay
Painted tin cans for strawberry planters
Planted strawberries
No Closing Circle since we went over meeting time

Once we completed our OC, I introduced the Petal. I asked the girls what resources are (and they actually got it!), and why they are important. We talked about some of the resources we have here: farms (local food) and lakes/rivers (electricity, fishing, and cargo transport) and why we need to keep them safe.

I also touched on recycling and why it’s important, but also tied it back to the fact that if we don’t carefully manage the resources we took them from, then we’re out of luck. While I know it’s slightly uncouth, I love my husband’s analogy: don’t poop in your house. Why should we take care of our resources? That’s why. Saving the planet is too huge and nebulous even for most adults let alone seven year old girls.

I brought two picture books with me, Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish and Just a Dream. I didn’t know which one would be better, so I asked one of the moms to take a quick look-loo and give her opinion. She said Dinosaurs, so that’s what I went with. The girls enjoyed it; colorful, uncluttered pictures get the point across nicely.

With the book finished, we headed over to the playroom next to our main meeting room do to a recycling relay. The girls were divided into two teams. Each team had to grab a recyclable item and put it in the box then tag her teammate. Each team did two rounds.

Then we went to our craft room to start on our strawberry planters. I came across a blog with the neat idea to make a hanging strawberry planter out of tin cans. I saved enough of the empty 32oz tomato cans for the girls so we could do it too. Tin cans = recycle, strawberry runners from the garden of one of the moms = reuse/local, potting soil we had lying around = reuse.

The girls painted the cans, washed up, ate a snack, then planted the strawberries. One of the moms did a par-dry on the cans with the handblower in the bathroom, then I sprayed them with a sealant. Happy times!

zoo 036

We’ll finish up this Petal at our next meeting (also the last of the school year). The first part of the meeting will be taken up by a representative from our trash/recycling collection company. She’s going to talk to the girls about what happens after the goods hit the curb.

Daisies: Purple Petal


This is one of the few Petals where I have actually used the story in the new Guide as my starting point. In fact, I used the entire story versus picking out pieces of it. I did modify it because the story as written doesn’t have a lot of substance. It’s Respect-Lite.

The story bends towards proper hygiene and simple manners instead of actual respect. All three are important, but there is a difference between them:

–>“Respect Myself” does involve proper hygiene, but more importantly, it has to do with standing up for yourself, believing in your abilities, and not letting anyone else belittle you.

–>Proper manners and politeness both fold into “Respect Others”, but again the meaning is deeper than that. The Golden Rule works here, but also the need to respect someone because of their authority or position (which ties into another Petal).

That being said, how do you teach girls about “respect” when peoples’ perception of it varies?  Truly, this is a value that is learned over time by example.

What We Did:
*Read Gloria’s Story Redo and answered questions about the Flowers’ behavior
*Played “Mother May I?”
*Decorated frames for mirrors (We used a foam-framed mirror kit, but this wooden-framed kit is also an option)
*Repeatedly reinforced appropriate behavior (this is at pretty much every meeting)

Other Ideas
*crumpled paper story (also works with Orange Petal)
*visit a nursing home
*have a dentist come to a meeting, learn proper oral hygiene
*roll-play using good manners
*create a skit about respecting others
*assemble hygiene kits for VA hospital or a shelter
*have a nurse/doctor/nutritionist come to a meeting
*have girls partner up, draw a picture of their partner, and write 5 things they like/admire about their partner
*you can also use the guide from GSRV

Journey Tie-Ins
Between Earth & Sky (Blue Bucket portion)

Picture Book Possibilities
*I have not read  all of the books listed below.  Please review before using.
A Bad Case of the Stripes
Once a Mouse
Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse
Amos and Boris
The Berenstain Bears Show Some Respect
Hey Little Ant
The Scallywags
Ugly Fish
Interrupting Chicken
Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon
Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher
You’re Mean, Lily Jean!
My Mouth is a Volcano
The Recess Queen
The Ugly Duckling
Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners
What Do You Say, Dear?
The Crayon Box that Talked

Daisies: Red Petal


I did not use the new guide whatsoever for this Petal. I find the story manufactured and what amounts to an adult’s pipe dream of how playground bullying is successfully resolved.

What We Did (conveniently linked for more details)
*Local K9 officer came to a meeting and talked to the girls about his job
–> Read Officer Buckle and Gloria
*Learned how to do school-yard jump-roping
*Played an action relay
*Played a “spin around in a circle while your forehead is pressed against a baseball bat” relay
*Made animal flip books using animals the girls thought are strong/courageous

Other Ideas
*Set up an obstacle course for the girls to run through
*Invite a dance teacher to give the girls a lesson (or visit a dance studio)
*Invite a martial arts teacher to give the girls a lesson (or visit their school)
*Set up an anti-bullying session with a martial arts school
*Take a self-defense class
*Take a field trip to a gymnastics school
*Take a field trip to an indoor rock climbing studio
*Do a show-and-tell focused on courageous women
*Create a skit and perform it for the girls’ families
*Have the girls pretend to be superheroes, what would their powers be?, what would they do? See the GSRV guide.
*Try a new/exotic food
*Invite a firefighter/EMT/military member to a meeting to speak to the girls
*Go camping (-lite)
*Have a fashion show or an pet show (using stuffed animals)
*Play Emotion Charades (girls have to act out an emotion in front of the troop w/o talking)

Journey Tie-Ins
3 Cheers for Animals!

Picture Book Possibilities
*I have read some, but not all, of the books below. Please preview before using.
Mirette on the High Wire
The Paper Bag Princess
Harriet and the Roller Coaster
Sheila Rae, the Brave
Brave Irene
The Princess Knight
The Tale of Sir Dragon: Dealing with Bullies for Kids
A Bad Case of the Stripes
Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent
Brave Charlotte
The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

Daisy Petal / Leaf / Journey Planning Guide

Girl Scouts River Valleys has some amazing planning guides for Daisy Petals and Journeys. If you’re stuck on what to do, I highly recommend taking a look at what they have. I’m taking some ideas away to incorporate into our Talk It Up and Making Choices Leaves.

GSRV also has planning guides for other levels, but I don’t know how complete they are.

Gloria’s Story Redo

This Thursday, my Daisies will start earning their Purple Petal – Respect Myself and Others. This will be the rare Petal where I actually use the new Guide. Most of the stories are awful and there are much better alternatives available for the given Petal. However, for Gloria, the bones of the story are alright. It needs some tweaking, but on the whole very doable.

I will start off with my major complaint regarding this Petal, that the focus in both the old way of earning this Petal and the in new Guide is on good personal hygiene and manners. Yes good hygiene is necessary for respecting oneself, and manners are part of respect, but there is nothing out there for respect from a behavioral standpoint. It just seems that focusing on brushing your teeth and writing thank you letters is a cop-out to discussing the overall lack of behavioral respect for others our society seems to exhibit.

My troop needs that behavioral focus. They need a parable that shows them, or reinforces, how one is respectful to others around them.What do my girls need to work on?

* Don’t interrupt
* Don’t talk (to your neighbor) while another is talking
* Don’t goof off and/or be silly during circle time

With that in mind, Anne and I spent a decent chunk of time today revamping Gloria’s Story to better suit the points I want my girls to pick up on. We also included movements for the girls to do so they can physically participate in the story.

Here is what we came up with:

I hope that other troops are able to use this, or that it gives them a springboard for modifications that suit their particular troop.

Daisy Year-End Summary

(Nov) PJ Party – donated pajamas to several local shelters
(Dec) Made gingerbread men for our village’s Christmas Party
(Feb) Made Valentine’s Day cards for pediatric unit of Roswell Cancer Institute
(Apr) First grader’s made hygiene kits and “thank you for your service” cards for the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital
(Jun) Planted a small flower garden for the church we meet at

Cookie Leaf – Count It Up
*Learned types of cookies
*Learned cost of cookies
*Set goals for selling

Orange Petal – Responsible For What I Say and Do
*Attempted to read Mari’s  Story in the Guide, but failed miserably
*Discussed examples of things we’re responsible for
*Created a Kaper Chart
*Used the analogy of a crumpled paper to help understand being
responsible for what you say

Light Blue Petal – Honest and Fair
*Read / acted out Lupe’s Story from Guide
*Girls gave ideas as to how they would be fair (taking turns playing games)
*Girls talked about being honest using the box containing cookies from
the story as the scenario
*Divided girls up in a fair manner for making/decorating cookies

Promise Center
*Received at Investiture after girls recited the Girl Scout Promise

Magenta Petal
* Discussed examples of persons of authority
*Discussed examples of respectful/disrespectful behavior
* Firefighter visited meeting and talked to girls about his job (also worked
with them on the Safety Award)
* Field trip to the local Coast Guard station

Financial Literacy – Money Counts
*Learned the different kinds of coins
*Learned about paper money
*Find out the cost of fun (budgeted for a fun outing, such as a visit to the

Violet Petal
*Slightly bungled and adaptation of Vi’s Story
–instead of using the postcards in the stories, I brought out postcards
that had been sent to me from friends/acquaintances across the globe
*Were pen pals with a Daisy troop in Ohio
*Learned about Colombia and Australia (two girls have parents from
those countries)

Yellow Petal
*Had to give 3 “A Friendly and Helpful Daisy Was Here” flowers when the
girls did a good deed
*Good manners at meetings and field trips throughout the year

Rose Petal
*Read and discussed the Curious Garden
*Planted a small flower garden for the church we met at

Tifft Nature Preserve
Coast Guard station
Maple Syrup Farm
Wildflower Walk at Wilson-Tuscarora State Park
Polliwog Hunting

Pajama Party
Story Teller
Nature Center
My 1st Cookie Sale
Cookie Booth
Christmas Baking
100th Anniversary
Coast Guard Visit
Valentine Making
Maple Syrup Harvest
Historically Speaking Colombia
Historically Speaking Australia
Fairy Myst (for the fairy houses)
Spring Event (for the wildflower / polliwog walks)
First Campout / Campfire Fun (depending on if the girls stayed overnight)
Fiesta (for the girls who went to the Cinco de Mayo celebration)
Aquarium Overnight (for the girls who went to the overnight)
He & Me Bowling (SU event)

*Daisy Name Petals (to be used for attendance, girls place petals around a central yellow center – never got around to doing it)
*Thank you cards for various visitors / field trips
*Girl Scout Law Bracelet
*Valentine’s Day Cards
*Make tags for the lettuce gardens (laminated)
*Pom Pom Ladybugs
*Butterfly Mother’s Day Cards