Financial Literacy / Cookies

meet my customers

Meet My Customers

1. Find out where your customers are
—> We talked about who we sold/will sell cookies to and came up with a list.

2. Talk to some customers
—> To help the girls remember the different types of cookies, we played “What Cookie Am I?”. Each girl said what her favorite GS cookie was, and each girl tried one of the new Mango Cremes. We also talked about what we want to use our cookie money for. I gave them the basic list of badges, field trips, meeting supplies, camp outs, etc…but wanted them to decide on something special for them. They chose to do an overnight at the science museum. I let them know that if anyone asks what they do with the cookie money, this is it. We also tied how we’ll spend our cookie money into booth roll-playing.

3. Practice handling money and making change
—> The girls used fake money to make change for customers. This step was tied in with Step 4.

4. Role-play good customer relations
—> Girls pretended to man a cookie booth. They were asked questions such as:
*What cookies do you recommend?
*What is your favorite cookie?
*Is there a new cookie this year? What do you think of it?
*I was a GS when I was little. We did X. Do you still do X?
*What do GS do other than sell cookies?
*What do you like the best about being a GS?

5. Thank your customers!

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